Regional Convergence Partnership

The Convergence Partnership is supporting the formation and growth of 14 regional convergence partnerships to develop and implement strategies for ensuring healthy people in healthy places. Each regional convergence partnership is a collaboration of funders across multiple fields and sectors, with engaged advocates, practitioners, and community leaders working together on a variety of policy and environmental change efforts reflecting local needs, cultures, and approaches. Regional convergence partnerships seek to create a shared integrated and comprehensive agenda to spark engagement, greater collective action and impact, and broad structural transformation.

The primary goal of the Regional Convergence Initiative is to build the capacity and partnership infrastructure for funders, organizations, agencies, and communities to come together to launch new and broader policy efforts that advance health and equity at a bigger scale. Specifically, the Regional Convergence Initiative aims to support foundations to create sustainable partnerships that support and promote:

  • a shared commitment to core Convergence Partnership principles of equity, a focus on policy and environmental change strategies, and connecting to and engaging other fields and sectors;
  • collective action that delivers on the ideas of convergence and creates new mechanisms for change; and
  • the ability to leverage additional resources and partnerships in the region.

The work of regional convergence partnerships does not replace the individual work of a funder or partner, but creates opportunity for the individual work to be leveraged. This added value allows funders and partners to work together in different ways to strengthen the collective impact of convergence efforts.