Regional Convergence Partnerships

From its inception, the Convergence Partnership sought to build a new multi-issue, cross-disciplinary, and equity-focused field — a field of fields — to catalyze and accelerate policy and environmental changes connected to a broad movement for change. Recognizing that funder collaborative efforts are an important building block in the field and movement building, the Partnership began in 2007 to explore how best to leverage and connect local, regional, and state efforts to create healthy people and healthy places for all.

Convergence Partnership launched the Regional Convergence initiative in 2008 to support the establishment and growth of regional funder partnerships across the country. Over the past six years, the Convergence Partnership has dedicated its efforts to supporting the formation and growth of regional convergence partnerships that are applying the national model to advance equitable change across the country. As a result, these Regional Convergence Partnerships have successfully contributed towards the development of a “field of fields” that is expanding the approach and success of multi-disciplinary, equity-focused policy change. Building this field has had direct impacts on local and regional philanthropies themselves, as well as on their partnerships and on the communities they are serving.

While their individual structures and approaches vary all of the partnerships have been about changing the way philanthropy does business together in order to have a very different impact on the world. Alongside the Convergence Partnership, regional convergences are contributing to a cohesive, amplified convergence agenda that advances equity through policy and practice change across the country.